Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is making the use of social media platforms for promoting your product or a service. It includes facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, google +, and linkedin like platforms.



Facebook-Social media

Facebook is one of the most popular and fast growing social networking platform.

       Facebook is a good platform not only for consumers for also for publishers.

        Facebook helps you to promote your service or a product with a facebook page. You can have detailed insights of your likes, views, engagements, etc. 

       Another option you for facebook is you can run ad campaigns with the help of your facebook page.

       Even you can have facebook groups which can be linked to your pages also.

      One more interesting feature of facbook is you can go live or you can schedule a video. 




 Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking app.

         As like facebook, instagram has news feeds and stories i.e whenever you post anything it is displayed on your profile.

       Instagram is known as best social media platform because of its filters. Also it is more secure and creative as compared to facebook.

     It is possible to reach maximum people by using hash (#) tags on instagram. It is mainy used to focus back stage things.


             Twitter is a micro blogging platform. It is yet another social networking service mainly used for businesses and corporate development.

          Twitter is easy, quick and reachable platform. You can easily spread your opinion using (@) to mention someone or (#) tags. 

      Twitter can also be said as the ideal platform for engagement and branding your business.

        Intersting features of twitter are twitter polls, moments, tweets (posts),retweets.etc. Twitter provide and encourages communication in public forum….it is open to all.

        You can manage mutliple twitter accounts through the platform called as “Tweetdeck”. It is integrated with twitter’s interface.



       Youtube is a video sharing platform. Here you can view,upload,rate,comment,share,add to favorites,report the vidoes.

       The most important feature of youtube is “Youtube channel”. It is the user’s identity when members can join and subscribe to your channel.You can create different youtube channels based on different categories and upload the videos accordingly.

      You can also post video  ads on these youtube channels.



      Linkedin is a business and employment oriented social media service. It is a social networking site for the audience searching professional jobs.

         Linkedin is also known as World’s largest professional network. To reach more audience, you can create your linkedin page and do regular postings so as to increase your followers and engagement.

       The important feature of linkedin is linked pulse where you can share self published content with yoiur audience. This can include stories,blog posts, insights,etc. for the businesses.

Google +

       Google plus is a social network service of google. Initially this service was launched with elements of circles, huddle, hangouts,events, location tagging and sparks.

      Now google plus is mainly used for creating your page or a brand.

      You can also run an advertise on google + by creating an engagement campaign.