SMS & Whatsapp marketing

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Marketing

          Bulk SMS marketing is sending bulk messages to the customers. This technique is mainly use for branding.

        Bulk SMS is one of the most mobile marketing platform as it is easy,quick, reliable and not much expensive. It helps businesses to gain customer loyalty and their sales.

       With the help of sms gateway,you can send either transnational,promotional or OTP types of messages.

Whatsapp Marketing

              Whatsapp is a free mobile app used world-wide. This app makes the use of internet connection to share messages,images,videos,etc. This app supports the feature of voice and video calling.This sharing of files can be done either one to one or using broadcast lists or groups. For desktop users , Whatsapp web is the best facility.

            The main and important feature of whatsapp for marketing is “Whatsapp Business“. 

        It is very effective and professional way to reach potential customers & have a loyalty program.The reason why businesses should incorporate whatsapp marketing is reach, power, effectiveness, great convenience, easily accessible, etc.