Top 10 techniques to improve ranking on search engine.

Wish to improve ranking on search engine?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is best platform for maximizing the  number of visitors to a particular website so that your site appears at the top in the search results. In today’s fast growing world everyone wishes to be at the highest position and improve ranking on search engine. In short, SEO is nothing but a technique to make your website show more often when people search for a particular keyword. SEO is dynamic and to be in its race, you can follow following techniques. SEO proves to be the best tool for digital marketing

Improve ranking on search engine

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Top 10 techniques to improve ranking on search engine.

1.Use keywords                           

Make use of keywords in page title, meta description and your article. Try to repeat the keyword after every 100-150 words.

  1. Use alt tags for images.

Always change the name of image and then upload it. Image should contain the keyword.

  1. Page load time.

Make sure your page load time is less than 4 seconds.

  1. Readability.

Form the sentences containing 8-10 words. Try to change the paragraph frequently, usually after 3-4 sentences.

5.Social media signals.

Always have social sharing options on your page.

6.Build back links.

Try to have at least 1 external link and 2-3 internal links.

7.Use headings.

There should be one main heading including keywords. Make use of multiple sub and sub sub headings.

8.Page content.

To improve ranking on search engine it is recommended to have 700 words.

  1. Google page speed.

Your page speed should be greater than 80.

  1. Local SEO & listings.

Finally, try to build local SEO and have its listings in google. The best way to promote your local business or improve ranking on search engine is to register your business on Google my business.