Facebook ads – A key marketing platform

Facebook ads is the key marketing platform for almost every business.

Facebook Ad

Facebook ads consists of three micro-targeting features :- Campaign, ad set and ad which helps you to reach targeted audience.


Facebook campaign is the marketing objective you need to decide before placing an advertise.

I) Awareness ads.

a) Brand awareness 

The objective of this type of ad is to make people remember your brand.

b) Reach 

 The objective of this type of ad is to reach maximum audience. Here, there is no guarantee that audience will remember your brand.

II) Consideration ads.

a) Traffic 

The objective of this type of ad is to direct customers to your website by giving special offers or writing some exclusive content.

b) Engagement

 The objective of this type of ad is to reach maximum audience by boosting a post. Engagement of posts includes likes,shares,comments and shares on a facebook page.

c) App installs

The objective of this type of ad is to drive android and iOS app installs.

d) Video views

 The objective of this type of ad is to run an advertise in form of video. You can increase video views by targeting the audience and reaching maximum people.

e) Lead generation 

The objective of this type of ad is to run leads ads over facebook and instagram. Lead ads lets the audience to fill an option form with their details allowing a business to have conversation with them. It is quite a quick way to reach audience.

f) Messages

 The objective of this type of ad is to directly send messages to the targeted audience with the help of messenger. Businesses can have one-to-one conversation with the audience. It has only potential reach.

III) Conversion ads.

a) Conversions

The conversion type of ad works with facebook pixel on your website. A click through conversion occurs when customers takes a valuable use actions such as view content, add to cart, wishlist, checkout and finally payment i.e. in short customers get converted.

b) Catalog sales

 The catalog sales type of ad is the menu/list of products you would like to advertise on facebook.

c) Store visits

The objective of this type of ad is to make people visit the stores by showing them the map or location.

Ad set

a) Audience 

Here you need to define the audience to whom you want to show your ads. You can include/exclude custom audience or lookalike audience based on demographics,age,gender,languages,location, interests and even behaviors.

b) Placements

Show your ad to right people in right places. You can use automatic placements to maximize your budget and help to show your ads to more audience. Or else you can edit the placements, but it may not meet your goals nor it will reach more people.

c) Budget & Schedules

Here you need to define your daily budget and when you would like to appear your ads.


a) Identity 

Identity is the one by which your business is represented in ads by its facebook page or instagram account.

b) Format

Format is the way your ad will look like. It includes carousel, single image, single video and slide show. It has one more feature as instant experience which is only for mobile phones.

c) Text

Here you can add the text for your ad.

Once you come up with all these features, you can see a preview of your ad. After finalization of your advertisement, your facebook ad goes for review. Once it is approved, it starts appearing as the news feeds on audience’s wall.

          Facebook ads are mostly used by businesses to advertise online about their latest news,offers,discounts,etc. businesses can connect to right audience anytime, anywhere on any device.