Career opportunities in Digital Marketing

              In today’s era of internet, trend of conventional marketing is shifting towards digital marketing. People have realized the power of social media. Hence they feel the need of digital marketing

                While surfing on Internet many a times you come across some interesting posts, funny images, meaningful blogs, mobile apps and even sometimes irritating ads also.  If you wish to post all such stuff then you need to build your career in digital marketing.

                  Whenever we login to our facebook account, we see variety of facebook ad campaigns, we all now-a-days use various mobile apps. We observe advertisement pop-ups in those apps also. This is considered as a part of digital marketing. If you have searched for any particular product on google then you might have observed that for next few days you will observe the advertise related to similar products on many web pages you use. Even this comes under digital marketing.

                  Also youtube has become our full time guide for many things. Whenever you are watching any video on youtube, small video ads appear. Again this is a part of digital marketing. At the outset, we can quote such many examples of digital marketing. But the fact is that we are at consumer side now. If you wish you can easily shift to producer or publisher side. For that you need proper guidance or training.

                  Many digital marketing companies in India are doing well today. These companies can be categorized as small scale, medium scale or even big multinational brands. Definitely, this companies need skilled manpower.  These companies offer jobs like:-

I. Analytics expert

        This role is related to analyze the traffic for any particular website using standard web tools.

II. SEO Executive/Expert

        The role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert is to work for search engine optimization to increase traffic on your website.

III. Content writer

        The content writer is usually the one who generates professional contents for the websites. Only the thing he/she should have knowledge of English language and creativity skills.

IV. Social Media expert

        Social media expert uses social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, linkedin, etc. for clients marketing need.

V. Web developer

        This role web developer is to design and maintain all types of websites.

Skills required for digital marketing

Average salaries

Become professional by doing Certifications 

        You don’t require any special degree to get in Digital Marketing, but the Google and Hubspot certifications will lead you to stand in the crowd and reduce your struggle for the job.
  1. Google My Business
  2. Google Analytics Beginners
  3. Google Analytics Advance
  4. Google Analytics Qualification
  5. Google AdWords Fundamentals
  6. Google AdWords Search
  7. Google AdWords Display
  8. Google AdWords Mobile
  9. Google AdWords Video
  10. Google AdWords Shopping
  11. Google Digital Unlock
  12. Hubspot Social Media.
  13. Hubspot Content Marketing
  14. Hubspot Inbound Marketing
  15. YouTube Channel Growth

     So, don’t wait now….start your career with Digital Marketing today only, dream big and reach to heights…!!